Blanka Loučková

Blanka studied Physical Geography at the Institute of Geography at Masaryk University Brno and is currently a researcher at the Global Change Research Institute, where she focuses on ecosystem services and adaptation to climate change through nature-based solutions. She considers the protection of ecosystems and ecosystem services to be crucial in terms of reducing the impacts of global climate change.

She is involved in a number of projects dealing with interdisciplinary research in the field of adaptation to climate change, ecosystem services and environmental security.

She is a member of several scientific societies, including Ecosystem Services Partnership, where she participated in leading the thematic group Ecosystem Services and Disaster Risk Reduction.

She worked as an Assistant Professor with a focus on landscape ecology and physical geography at the Department of Geography at the Faculty of Science of the University of Olomouc (2008-2011). She also has experience in the private sector, where she worked as an Environmental Specialist for EIA and SEA (2007-2012).

She has experience from research institutes in the United Kingdom (London), Austria and Italy.