SELINA (Science for Evidence-based and Sustainable Decisions about
Natural Capital) is a Horizon Europe project that will provide evidence-based decision-making guidelines. In doing so, it supports the protection, restoration and sustainable use of our environment. Through the collaboration of experts from 50 partner organizations from all 27 EU Member States, Norway, Switzerland, Israel and the United Kingdom, SELINA will set new standards for international cooperation to support ecosystem services (ES) and conserve and enhance biodiversity (BD) and good ecosystem condition (EC).

By providing reliable practical information and recommendations to public and private stakeholders, SELINA will pave the way for the transformative societal change needed to achieve the ambitious goals of the European Biodiversity Strategy 2030 and other policy commitments.

Project activities include the identification of BD, EC and ES factors that can be successfully integrated into public and private sector decision-making processes. For this, it will use knowledge sharing and co-production through pan-European workshops and multidisciplinary collaborations, which further advance the theme of ecosystem services.

You can find out more on the website of the SELINA project.