Our researchers work on vairous national and international projects. For more information about the projects and team members involved, please see particular project pages.

Ongoing projects:

CultES - Assessment and mapping of cultural ecosystem services in landscape

H2020 MAIA - Mapping and Assessment for Integrated ecosystem Accounting


IPBES - The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

LIFE LOCAL ADAPT - Integration of climate change adaptation into the work of local authorities

LIFE TreeCheck: Green Infrastructure Minimising the Urban Heat Island Effect

Participative modelling of ecosystem services values in protected areas

SEACRIFOG - Supporting EU-African Cooperation on Research Infrastructures for FOod security and Greenhouse gas observations

Urban Adaptation Challenges: Promoting Sustainable Planning Using Integrated Vulnerability Analysis

Fnished projects:

Adaptation measures in cities

Adaptation of settlements to climate change

Bottom-Up Climate Adaptation Strategies Towards a Sustainable Europe (BASE)

CzechAdapt - A system for the exchange of information on climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation measures in the Czech Republic


ENVISEC - Integrated assessment of the global change impacts on the environmental security of the Czech Republic

ESMERALDA  - Enhancing ecoSysteM sERvices mApping for poLicy and Decision mAking


SEEA-EEA - Environmental and Economic Accounting – Experimental Ecosystems Accounting

UrbanAdapt - Development of urban adaptation strategies using ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation