Davina Vačkářová

Davina holds PhD in environmental studies from Charles University in Prague and her research focuses on multiple aspects of human-environment interactions and human dimensions of global environmental chage, especially ecosystem services and values, climate change adaptation, drivers of ecosystem transformation, social-ecological systems and environmental vulnerability and security. Dava has been coordinating several research projects focusing on the integrated assessment of ecosystem services and climate change adaptation, recently including for example participatory modelling of ecosystem service values.

Davina is a member of the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management, member of the steering committee of Ecosystem Services Partnership (2014-2018) and member of the National Footprint Accounts committee of Global Footprint Network. She has been involved in several international processes within Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), European Environment Agency (EEA) and IPBES methodological assessment report on scenarios and models of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Currently, she is also participating in several projects on governance of climate change adaptation and nature-based solutions in cities in Central Europe. Davina is also a researcher and lecturer at the Charles University Environment Centre, focusing on environmental footprints as major drivers of global change. She is teaching course on ecosystem services and participating in course on environmental indicators in socio-economic metabolism.