The LTSER project focused on the development of long-term socio-ecological research (LTSER) in the Czech Republic. The main aims of the project were to develop methods and approaches to LTSER and to apply them in two pilot testing areas (Třeboň Basin and Krkonoše UNESCO Biosphere Reserves). In this project, we analysed the links and driving forces relevant for the selected social-ecological systems, created an array of scenarios of their potential future development, and modelled the production of ecosystem services as the interconnection between natural ecosystems and human society. The main outcome of the project was a methodological framework for the development of LTSER in the conditions of biosphere reserves in the Czech Republic.

The main outcomes of the project:

Research publication: Harmáčková, Z. V., Vačkář, D. (2015). Modelling regulating ecosystem services trade-offs across landscape scenarios in Třeboňsko Wetlands Biosphere Reserve, Czech Republic. Ecological Modelling 295, 207–215.

Methodological framework: Harmáčková, Z., Rynda, I., Vačkář, D. (2014). Methodological framework to developing long-term socio-ecological research (LTSER) in biosphere reserves in the Czech Republic. Global Change Research Centre AS CR. (under certification)