David Stella

David Stella is an advocate for sustainable development and an expert in ecosystem services and biodiversity. His work and commitment are key factors in projects that focus on strengthening the relationship between society and the natural environment.


Currently, David is involved in three projects. The first of these is the Golf Vinoř project, where he brings his expertise and experience to optimize the use of areas that can serve as habitats for biodiversity while also providing quality recreational areas.


He is also involved in the ENABLE Biodiversa project, which focuses on understanding the use of biodiversity data at various levels of policy and decision-making processes. His work is focused on identifying key areas and strategies that can lead to the protection and enhancement of biodiversity in specific locations.


The last project that David is working on is the HODEZ project. This project involves evaluating the differences between organic and conventional agriculture with respect to their impacts on the environment and biodiversity. David's work provides insights to support sustainable agriculture and the protection of natural resources.


Thanks to his expertise, approach, and ability to bridge theory with practice, David Stella´s work contributes significantly to the field of ecosystem services and biodiversity. His work has an impact on sustainable development and the protection of natural resources, not only in the Czech Republic but also in a broader international context.