The two years project was focused on an integrated application of the ecosystem services concept, its mapping, quantification and economic assessment for the purposes of decision making process in the Czech Republic. The locations selected for the assessment included socio-economic systems of the CR such as agricultural and urban systems, grasslands, forest ecosystems and hydroecosystems. The main map data for the assessment was the Consolidated layer of ecosystems created in a co-operation with the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic. It is a specific layer of land cover which includes the whole area of the CR. For the quantification of ecosystem services a database of ecosystem services values (EKOSERV database) was used. The database is a result of a systematic literature review and application of the benefit transfer method. Nowadays, the database contains about 200 values. It was explored that the current overall social importance of the natural environment provided by various ecosystems in the Czech Republic equals annually to 1.5 of the Czech GDP.


Hlavními výstupy jsou:

research paper - Frélichová, J., Vačkář, D., Pártl, A., Loučková, B., Harmáčková, Z. V., Lorencová, E. (2014) Integrated Assessment of Ecosystem Services in the Czech Republic. Ecosystem Services 8: 110-117.

certified methodology - Vačkář, D., Frélichová, J., Lorencová, E., Pártl, A., Harmáčková, Z., Loučková, B. (2014). Metodologický rámec integrovaného hodnocení ekosystémových služeb v České republice. Centrum výzkumu globální změny AV ČR, 35 pp.


The project was supported by the Czech technological agency within the first public call Omega.