CzechAdapt - A system for the exchange of information on climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation measures in the Czech Republic

The project is funded under the program CZ02 Environment (Adaptation to Climate Change) EEA and Norwegian funding in 2015 - 2016, and the main investigator is the Department of climate change imacts on agroecosystems. The main aim of the project is primarily to provide relevant information about the expected impacts, risks, vulnerability and potential adaptation measures in the context of a changing climate.

CzechAdapt is based on the belief that while adaptation policies cannot be centralized in a number of sectors (because it is primarily of concern and responsibility of the individual entities), providing relevant information can be centralized (and even should be) to the fullest extent possible. The aim of this interdisciplinary project is to develop and to validate an experimental operation information system that will concentrate the available scientific knowledge and adaptive measures in a user-friendly and practical form.