Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction

The issue of adapting to climate change (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) is another key research topic. In this area, we focus on assessing the risks and vulnerabilities of human society and ecosystems, as well as evaluating the adaptive capacity of human society and preparing politically acceptable adaptation measures, especially with regard to ecosystem approaches and so-called green and blue infrastructure. We develop participatory approaches to the preparation and implementation of adaptation strategies and we work with different scenarios, not only scientifically-based but also co-defined and co-produced by various actors and stakeholders. The related issue is to improve adaptive capacity and resilience and to cope with the consequences of catastrophic as well as slow (chronic) changes in ecosystems caused by disasters and global change. In the area of ​​adaptation, we use a variety of tools, including modeling or analyzing the benefits and costs of complex sets of adaptation measures in response to climate change scenarios or risk and vulnerability assessment.