Cooperation with UNU FLORES

Following the Memorandum of Understanding signed between CzechGlobe and UNU FLORES, member of our team Adam Emmer is currently on research visit in UNU FLORES in Dresden. You can find feature interview wih Adam at the UNU FLORES website. Adam is talking about adaptation to climate change and the risk of glacial lake outbursts in the Andes.

"Some of the burning issues we are facing are cross-cutting among diverse scientific disciplines and specialisations. I’m convinced that meeting new people with different backgrounds, knowledge, experiences, and points of views, discussing new ideas, using modified methodologies as well as conceptual approaches and learning from one another are the main benefits of such exchange. More specifically – what is interesting for me personally – is to find out if/how the water-soil-waste Nexus Approach developed at UNU-FLORES could be used for more efficient and sustainable climate change adaptation planning," said Adam on a need of interdisciplinary view of current global change problems.